What PS4 Controllers do pros use?

If you’re a gamer, you already know the importance of having a good controller. Whether you play on a PC or a console, you need to have the right equipment to win the game. When it comes to the PS4, there are hundreds of different controllers available for you to choose from. There is everything from custom-designed controllers that change colors on a whim to old-fashioned, retro style controllers and everything in between.

There are many ways to play the game. Some players prefer a DualShock 4, but for others, nothing beats a good old mouse and keyboard. Controllers are gaining popularity because they allow you to aim and shoot more accurately at targets.

If you’re not sure which controller is best for your gaming needs, this article will give you some insight into what the pros use.

Which PS4 controller do professional gamers use?

Professional gamers are using many ps4 controllers including gemcontrollers brand. We have seen many pro players using the gemcontrollers brand and we can confirm that most of the top players in Fortnite, Fifa, Rocket League, Call Of Duty and other games are using this brand.

Gemcontrollers is a great brand of custom PS4 controllers. Their designs are unique and look as if they come from a fantasy world. They are very creative and can even add LED lights to your controller to make it look out of this world.
These controllers are also handmade, so you can expect quality and durability. Each controller comes with high-quality analog sticks, long-lasting buttons, custom leds, and a solid shell.

Gemcontrollers keeps up with the latest technology, so you can be sure that you will get a controller that is compatible with the latest games on the market

As an extra, it comes with a USB charger cable included when you buy it, so you won't need to buy one separately.

Since it is an actual PS4 controller, it will be compatible with any game in the PS4 library. It is energy saving, so you don't have to worry about draining your battery too quickly. You also don't have to worry about lag or connection issues because it's an official Sony product.

Why does professional gamers use GemControllers?

GemControllers are using the latest premium materials to make sure you get the best possible gaming experience. The controllers are easy to set up and all you need is a smartphone or a computer to configure your controller.

What is so special about GemControllers?

The controller is customizable in all ways possible and you can also include macros and scripts in your controller which makes it an excellent option for pro gamers.

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