How to earn more EXP and get more base token in Spiderman PS4?

The 1.07 update for Spider-Man PS4 is finally live and, with it, comes a lot of new content for players to enjoy. In addition to the new DLC, the update also adds a number of new suits and abilities, as well as an all-new game plus mode. There's even a new difficulty option added into the mix. With so many new things to do and see in Insomniac's Spider-Man PS4, you may want to get a few tips on how to earn more EXP or what to do with all those base tokens you've collected.

In this guide we'll run down everything you need to know about Spider-Man PS4's various currencies, how to earn more EXP and how to get all the best suits in the game.

Here are a few things to keep in mind as you make your way through New York City and play as the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.

Earning XP is pretty easy as long as you're doing a lot of different things in the game. You'll get XP for taking down enemies, completing missions, stopping crimes in progress, or catching pigeons. You'll get even more XP if you do these activities while playing on higher difficulty levels.

As you earn more XP, you'll level up your character and unlock new suits, gadgets, and upgrades. This will make it easier to take down enemies, complete missions, and stop crimes.

Base Tokens are one of the currencies in the game and can be used to purchase gadgets or upgrades at the base of operations. Tokens can be earned by completing side activities or finding R&D scavenger hunt collectibles around Manhattan.

There are also Base Tokens hidden throughout New York City that are unique to each district. You only have to find one token from each district, but there are three tokens per district. Finding all three tokens will unlock a secret comic for that area.

What Are Base Tokens?

Base tokens are collectible items that you pick up throughout Spider-Man PS4. Completing various tasks on the map will reward you with base tokens, which can be spent at certain locations. There are four different kinds of base tokens: research, crime, challenge, and landmark tokens. If you're wondering where to spend base tokens, here's what they're used for:

  • Crime Tokens – Used at precincts to help clean up the city.
  • Challenge Tokens – Used at bases to take on special challenges.
  • Landmark Tokens – Used at landmarks to help repair parts of New York City.
  • Research Tokens – Used at research stations to unlock new gadgets or upgrades for your suits.


How to Earn More XP

The easiest way to get more experience points in Spider-Man PS4 is to complete the game's main missions. The main story missions grant a lot of XP because they're the most difficult challenges in the game, and it'll take you a while to progress through them. You can earn more XP by completing side missions and activities scattered throughout New York City. These can include stopping car chases, taking out enemy bases or clearing out Crater Maker nests. There are a ton of these missions scattered throughout Manhattan, so simply exploring will lead you right into them. You can also fast travel to one of the Police Stations in Manhattan and look at their white boards for more information on these activities.

Completing extra objectives in each quest will go a long way toward earning more tokens and increasing your overall score. This includes beating up thugs, saving civilians and completing challenges tied to each mission. If you need help getting through any of these steps, check out our complete mission walkthroughs for every story mission in Marvel's Spider-Man PS4.


How to Get More Suit Tokens

The first way to get more suit tokens is by using the Spider-App. This can be done while playing the game or while in the main menu.

Once you open up the Spider-App, there are two ways to get suit tokens: mini games and objectives. The mini games section has you completing certain tasks within a time limit. Once you complete one of these tasks, you will earn a small amount of tokens. The objectives section lets you complete certain tasks in order to earn tokens. Tasks such as playing for X amount of hours or defeating a certain enemy type will reward you with a larger number of tokens than what's offered in the mini games section.

The second way to get suit tokens is by completing missions scattered across the map. These come in a few different styles, but all require that you have enough energy to complete them. These missions will reward you with an amount of suit tokens depending on how many energy points they take to complete; some missions will also give out crime tokens if you're lucky enough to find one that does so.


Complete all of the side quests you find.

There are a number of side quests you can complete to earn Suit tokens. Some may not be marked on your map, but be sure to stop and talk to people you pass by in the city. They might have something for you!

You can also give Peter a break from fighting crime by participating in some other activities. For example, there are a lot of landmarks you can photograph for a photography side quest and several different types of collectibles you can pick up as well. These will reward you with Suit tokens when you finish them.

Explore the city

As Spider-Man swings around the city, he'll inevitably come across crimes taking place, including muggings and carjackings. Keep an eye out for these crimes! Not only is it fun to swoop in and save the day, but each villain takedown will earn him Suit tokens. 


What Are Crime Tokens?

Crime tokens are basically a way for your character to rank up and get new gadgets. They’re also essential for unlocking skills, which is another way to gain more power and make it easier to defeat enemies. There are three types of crime tokens in the game and each is obtained in a different way.

The easiest ones to obtain are research tokens. These can be acquired by completing research missions or defeating the relevant enemies that appear at random intervals when you’re roaming the city and doing whatever you want. This is a great way to earn some quick crime tokens and use them right away if you have any pending upgrades.

Base tokens are also pretty easy to obtain and they’re collected by completing side missions scattered throughout the city (you’ll find them on your map). There are several types of these missions, including rescuing hostages or collecting evidence from abandoned bases, but they’re all fairly straightforward

 Base Tokens: These are earned by completing crimes, and can be used to purchase base suit upgrades.
Challenge Tokens: These are earned by beating challenges around the city, and can be used to purchase advanced suit upgrades.
Landmark Tokens: These are earned by clearing out enemy bases in Manhattan. They’re used to unlock special skills for Spidey’s suits.


How to Get Gadgets Faster

The easiest way is to use the Spider-Drone. The drone itself is unlocked at Level 17, but this gadget helps you reach your goal much faster than just roaming around looking for crimes. The Spider-Drone will let you spot crimes from much further away, but it also lets you target a crime from far away, which makes it an integral part of your gadget unlocking.

You'll want a variety of gadgets to take down different enemies and solve puzzles in Spider-Man PS4. The great thing about this game is that you don't have to wait until level 50 or 100 before unlocking them because they're available right from the start! It just depends on how many crime

If you want to unlock all the gadgets in Spider-Man, you'll need to collect a lot of tokens. If you don't have time for that, here are some tips:

  • Play challenges – challenges are great for getting extra crime tokens since they're relatively quick and easy. Try doing them whenever you have free time after completing main missions;
  • Beat up thugs – most thugs carry some extra crime tokens, so beating up gangs of criminals will get you a little bit closer to your goal;
  • Complete side missions – if you complete every side mission in the game, you'll be able to equip all the gadgets in no time;
  • Stakeout missions – stakeout missions offer great rewards that include crime tokens
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