Does PlayStation 4 have motion sensor?

The PlayStation 4 does not have a motion sensor or camera. The PlayStation 4 has a gyroscope and accelerometer built inside, which will allow developers to integrate motion control in games. The PlayStation Eye (a required peripheral for the PlayStation 3) was capable of sophisticated motion tracking, and this allowed for unique game experiences like Move Party and The Fight: Lights Out.

The DualShock 4, however, does have a motion sensor inside of it and this is used to control some games, such as PlayStation VR Worlds. The DualShock 4 also comes with a built-in speaker so you can hear audio in the controller which can help give you more immersion in certain games.

The PlayStation 4 does not have a built-in camera like the Xbox One does but you can buy the PlayStation Camera as an accessory which adds this feature to your console.

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